I’m a career girl, but I am not defined by my career.

My free time is invaluable, so when I’m not working I like to cram in as much fun as possible.  I find it hard to stand still so I’m always planning something, be that a dinner party, outing, trip, whatever.  You only live once and who knows for how long, so I figure that while you’re here, why not make the most out of it by spending time doing what you love with those that you love?

I love to cook, entertain, craft, explore, shop, eat and have fun. My favorite color is red.  On the one hand, I love animals (especially Gusto and Bella, my two rescued pit bulls), but on the other I love taxidermy.  I love my garden and the gnomes that inhabitant its ever-growing sea of succulents.  I love cacti mostly for the fact that it’s nearly impossible to kill them.  I love making my house feel like a home.  I want my guests to know who lives here, so it needs to be personalized.  If you come to my home you are guaranteed to eat too much, and if you’re willing, you’ll likely drink too much, and there will ALWAYS be dessert.  I suppose I like excess, but I figure if you’re going to do something, why not go all the way?  That’s why if I have you over for dinner or host a party, I like to do it up.

I believe intent is everything and guests can sense that.  If you genuinely want to have people over and host them, it doesn’t matter what you serve.  Whether it’s take-out or you’re preparing a five-course culinary masterpiece, if you set the table (spring for some cloth napkins), put some flowers out and show that you put some effort into it, people will always be able to tell.  They’ll feel pampered and isn’t that what every host wants for their guests?

This blog merely reflects the way I do things and I’m not saying it’s the right way or the best way, it’s just what I do.  It couldn’t be made possible without the technical assistance from my amazing graphic designer boyfriend, Jeremiah, and inspiration from my Mom, the ultimate hostess who taught me everything I know.


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