Beer of the Month – Le Freak

Sep 3rd

This month’s beer of the month is a beer that I recently tried and now can’t get enough of – Green Flash Brewing Co.’s Le Freak.  It’s called Le Freak (or at least I gather that it’s called Le Freak) because it’s a Belgian Trippel and IPA cross.  I know, weird, right?  But it’s amazingly good.

I don’t want to generalize here, but I find that women like Belgian beers, likely because of their light, fluffy deliciousness, and men like IPAs, likely because it makes them feel manly to drink something that puts hair on the chest (or tongue as the case may be).  Le Freak is a beer that can be enjoyed by both sexes.  No more arguing about what bomber you and your significant other are going to split.  Le Freak offers something for everyone!

I think of Le Freak as a soft IPA, making it more palatable (for people like me that can’t always handle a whole pint of IPA), along with all the great aspects of a Belgian beer – that fruity, spicy, golden deliciousness.  It’s also a little sweet and syrupy and gives you a bang for your buck at 9.2% ABV.

I found it at my local Vons Pavilions for $7.99.  You too can find where to buy it near you by going here.