Beer of the Month – N’Ice Chouffe

Nov 1st
Nice Chouffe

Fall and winter seem to bring some of the best seasonal beers, one of my favorite being N’Ice Chouffe by one of my favorite breweries, Brasserie d’Achouffe.  I admit that I may have first wanted to try this beer because of the cute label, which features the Brasserie d’Achouffe mascots, and one of my major obsessions, gnomes, but once I had this beer I was hooked.

N’Ice Chouffe is a dark spiced Belgian beer – well technically for the beer snobs, it’s a Belgian strong dark ale.  When I think about this beer, the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” starts playing in my head because this is the perfect cold weather beer and at 10% ABV, it’ll warm you up for sure.  It is spiced with thyme and curacao (a fancy version of orange peel essentially) and is similar in flavor to typical Belgian beers, but has a little indescribable special something that sets it apart from the typical Belgian beer.  It’s also sweet, like other Belgian beers, but not syrupy like some, making it incredibly palatable – maybe too much if you know what I mean.

N’Ice Chouffe only comes out in the winter, so every year when the weather turns cold, which may really be an oxymoron here in Los Angeles, I start looking for it.   Since it’s seasonal, this beer might be a little difficult to come by, but it’s worth the effort if you can find it.  Happy hunting!