Bushmills “Sounds of Since Way Back” Party

Aug 5th

I have to first confess that I am a bourbon drinker.  I don’t drink a whole lot of Irish whiskey.  I think the first time I really drank the Irish spirit was last year when I was in Ireland with my Mom.  When I found out Bushmills was hosting a whiskey tasting party, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to continue to expand my horizons (I mean, hey…Bon Iver seems to like the stuff)!

Bushmills was celebrating the release of “Sounds of Since Way Back”: a limited-edition box set of 7″ vinyl pressings, curated by the actor, Elijah Wood. The box set includes 10 tracks ranging from out-of-print Nashville country and  Texas blues, to Wood’s favorite garage rock classics from The Remains and The Sonics.  You can enter to win one over on the Bushmills Facebook Page.

The swanky party full of the hip and the beautiful was held at the Marrakesh house, which rests high atop a hill overlooking the gorgeous city lights of Culver City.  Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door with a tray of cocktails, four in all to chose from. It was a very nice thought and a foreshadowing of what was in store for the evening.  The drinks ranged from straight Bushmills Black Bush on ice, to more complicated artisanal creations like the “Honey, I’m Home” (Bushmills Irish Honey, Lemon and Ginger Beer).  I, predictably, favored the Bushmills Old Fashioned, a lovely take on my classic go-to.

As people settled in to their drinks, Wooden Wisdom (which includes Elijah Wood) spun an all 45″ vinyl set that got the intimate courtyard moving, drinks in hand.  With the party in full swing and having sampled one (or more) of each of the Bushmills cocktails, we were working up a bit of a sweat and ready for a cool reprise that came in the form of CoolHaus ice cream sandwiches.

A sincere thanks to Bushmills for supporting good music and helping me to further appreciate a delicious Irish spirit!

Images Courtesy Ice Cream Man