Dressed Up Dip – Fancy Laura Scudder’s

Aug 14th

So, I have to confess – I love Laura Scudder’s packaged green onion dip.  You know, the powder that you just add sour cream to and presto, it’s a party in a bowl.  It’s so delicious that I’m convinced that it must have MSG in it, or crack.  I love the stuff, so much so that I have it out at almost every BBQ I host.

I do, however, like to dress it up a bit, since I’m technically serving my guests dehydrated onion something or other (caution: don’t read the ingredient list). Plus, presentation is everything.  People tend to think things that look good taste better and it takes about two extra minutes to make this dip look fancy.

To do this, I take two to three green cabbage leaves and line my serving bowl.  If necessary, depending upon the size of my serving bowl, I trim the bottom of the leaves so the cabbage just stands up slightly higher than the bowl.  You can also use iceberg lettuce, but cabbage seems to withstand the elements better and doesn’t wilt as easily.  Red cabbage is also fun to use as an alternative for an extra pop of color.

With the green onion dip, I also snip up some fresh chives (about a 1/8 cup) and mix it in to give the dip a little added punch.  When ready to serve, I garnish the top of the dip with some snipped chives and a chives bundle.  To make a chives bundle simply take five to ten chives, hold them together, with the bottoms even, and using culinary scissors (or regular scissors), cut the ends off so the bundle is about three inches long.  Take another single chive and carefully tie it around the bundle in a knot and then trim the ends of the knot.

Tah-dah!  Your guests will never know they’re eating packaged dip.  It’ll be our little secret.

*Obviously, this these tricks can be used on any packaged or pre-made dip, I just used the green onion dip as an example since I’m so partial to it.