Frantoia Olive Oil

Mar 31st

I always try to keep two types of olive oil in my pantry – one everyday olive oil for cooking, and one fancier higher-quality olive oil for eating (i.e. where you can really taste it).  For the cooking olive oil, I don’t buy the bottom of the barrel, but low to mid-priced olive oil (usually whatever Costco or Trader Joe’s has to offer).  For the eating olive oil that I use in salad dressings, drizzled over frittatas, swirled in soup, or for bread dipping, I usually buy a different kind each time I go to the grocery or farmers’ market.  My choice is generally dictated by whatever is on sale, or looks interesting.

Which brings me to my current favorite olive oil, Frantoia.  Wait, first I must confess that I don’t like olives, really, I don’t (I know, I know).  So, it’s no surprise that I don’t like overly olivey olive oils.  I happened upon this olive oil while visiting an amazing restaurant supply store, Surfas, near my house.  There was an olive oil tasting bar and when I happened upon Frantoia, it was love at first bite (yuck, yuck).  This olive oil is so buttery and delicious, I want to drink it by the cupful, and so will you.  Trust me.