Friday the 13th Movie Night

Jul 12th

So tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  Eek!  Do you have you fingers crossed, garlic ready, black cats locked up, mirrors secured, ladders put away?!?!  No, I’m really not that superstitious (other than knocking on wood), but because it’s Friday the 13th, it seems like a good night for movie night – that is to watch Friday the 13th.

I like movie night, but when I do host a movie night, I like to keep it simple since it’s pretty informal and often in my house it’s a last-minute get together.  Maybe I’ll order pizza or pick up a good frozen/refrigerated pizza to serve, but I typically won’t cook.  We’ll eat on paper plates and use paper towels, like an old school pizza party.  I will, however, probably make some sort of cocktail before the pizza main course, serve some good craft beer with the pizza, and pop some popcorn (the real stuff, not the microwaved junk) to serve at showtime.

I especially like movie nights on a Friday night because, quite frankly, at the end of the work week I’m often too tired to cook, but I do want to see my friends, so it’s an easy way to get everyone together without too much effort.

Now, since it is Friday the 13th tomorrow, it seems like an especially good reason to have Friday the 13th movie night!  Well, you know what I’ll be doing.  Wish me luck (if you believe in that stuff)!  I’ll let you know how it goes.