Geode Necklaces

Mar 31st

I have recently become obsessed with geode and crystal necklaces.  Well, maybe…strike that.  I have recently become obsessed with reasonably priced geode and crystal necklaces.  While I lust after Dara Ettinger necklaces, they’re a bit out of my league, especially to own more than one.  Seeing as I am now obsessed with anything geode or cyrstal, I need multiples!

Since January, when the First Fridays concert season started up again at the Natural History Museum here in Los Angeles, I find myself wandering into the gift shop each first Friday of the month and buying myself a little souvenir in the form of yet another necklace.  It’s probably a little indulgent, but hey, I figure I’m supporting the museum with my obsession.  And given LA County’s pitiful budget, the museum needs all the help it can get.

The three necklaces featured in the photo above cost me just under $40 total ($9.99, $6.99 and $19.99 from left to right), but they look so much more expensive than that.  I have one gold chain that I rotate out for all the pendants, but they also look great on a simple black rope or a bead ball chain, both of which I also use.

So here’s the catch, finding these necklaces for a reasonable price is a bit tough.  I have found them obviously at the Natural History Museum gift shop (which unfortunately doesn’t do online sales), but they’re a bit more difficult to come across on the Internet.  I suggest visiting your local natural history museum and hoping for the best (since I’ve seen other similar necklaces at sciencey museums and attractions, like caves) or maybe your Internet search skills will be better than mine.  Happy hunting!