Gift Bag Collection

Aug 21st

I, for better or worse, tend to be a last minuter.  I might have bought the gift for my friend a month ago, but five minutes before I have to leave for the birthday party, I’m feverishly wrapping it while choosing something to wear and putting on a final coat of mascara.  Even worse is when I realize that I have the gift, but nothing to wrap it with, then panic really sets in (newspaper gift wrap anyone?).  I have since solved this dilemma by never being without the means to wrap a gift.  And when I say means, I mean I’ve always got some sort of event appropriate gift bag to put the offering in.  Baby shower – no problem; housewarming – I’ve got it covered; kid’s birthday – done!

Gift bags, after all, are really the quickest way to wrap a gift and seem to be easier to store than rolls of wrapping paper, hence why they are my method of choice.  I buy almost exclusively all of my gift bags and accessories, like tissue paper and ribbon, at the 99 Cent Store or the Dollar Tree.  The bags are always (you guessed it) under a dollar each, so it’s completely affordable and I find that these stores generally have a good selection of occasion bags, like for birthdays, baby showers, etc., as well as nondenominational gift bags that can be used for any occasion.  I try to keep a decent supply of gift bags handy in varying sizes, along with neutral colored tissue paper and curly ribbon, like white (I know, boring), that matches almost any bag, so I am ready at a moment’s notice to wrap anything.  I also keep a few spare birthday cards and pretty blank cards around too, so I’ve always got an accompanying card.

With a few bucks and some spare storage space, you too, can always be ready to wrap any gift.  xoxo