Listen Up! July 2012

Jul 3rd

For this month’s playlist and in honor of the Fourth of July, I wanted to celebrate America’s greatest contribution to music – rock n’ roll.  I began thinking about who I would consider the best American rock bands and tried to go from there in formulating this mix.  It was actually really hard for me to narrow this playlist down because there are just so many great American bands.  I noodled for quite some time and felt pretty bad when some bands simply had to be cut, but I figured that you probably didn’t need a 50 song playlist.  I also made a pact with myself going in to keep it under 18 songs (oh, it’s so hard).

So, in putting the list together, I tried to think of stuff I’d want to listen to while barbecuing on the Fourth of July, and while I love Sonic Youth and think that they fall into the category of one of the greatest American bands ever, I couldn’t imagine listening to them on the Fourth since they don’t really say “Happy Birthday, America.”  This mix is heavy on classic rock, which I grew up listening to (although I suppose Nirvana might be bordering on classic rock these days – eek!).  I also added some newer artists, like Rival Sons, that I think are clearly influenced by some of the bands on this playlist and probably grew up listening to some of the same stuff I did.

I hope you enjoy rocking out to this playlist as much as I do.  And don’t blame me if the neighbors call the cops on you for blasting that rock n’ roll too loud.  Happy Fourth of July you crazy kids!

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