Listen Up! June 2012

Jun 21st

Music is a huge part of my life, so every month I’m going to post a playlist of about 12 tracks (maybe more, maybe less) that I’m currently listening to.  They might be new songs that I’m obsessed with, old songs that I’ve forgotten about and recently reconnected with, or songs that I think conjure up the feel of the season.  For example, I’ve already started thinking that my July mix will be heavy on classic rock and American bands in celebration of the Fourth of July.

For the inaugural month, I’ve put together a playlist that will take you into the start of summer.  I think that all of these songs are a bit light and playful, like the begining of summer.  I envision listening to this playlist on an early Saturday evening as the sun begins to go down, perhaps with a cocktail in your hand (it’s just a suggestion).  Hopefully, these songs will transport you to this place.

Check out my June mix on Spotify: