Listen Up November 2012

Nov 7th
Listen Up!

November brings to mind dinner, specifically Thanksgiving dinner, the pinnacle of all dinners of the year.  So, for this month’s playlist, I figured I would create a playlist of dinner music to enjoy during Thanksgiving dinner and beyond.

I think of dinner music as something that sounds pleasant, but is somewhat nondescript because it shouldn’t be too overpowering as to interfere with dinner conversation.   It shouldn’t put your guests to sleep though either (especially on turkey day when the food alone can do it).  I like songs that are a little light, slightly upbeat, and playful.  This month’s playlist features some of my own dinner music standards from Melody Gardot, Dave Brubeck, Pink Martini, and more.

On this Thanksgiving, please enjoy this playlist from our sponsors (who am I kidding, what sponsors)…