Orange You Glad…

Aug 18th

So, it turns out that I love, I mean LOVE, Old Fashioneds.  In fact, I’d have to say it’s my go-to cocktail, my desert island cocktail.  The only problem is that my frequent Old Fashioned cocktailing often leads to a bunch of deflowered oranges (i.e. their rinds have been stripped), which sadly sometime end up turning moldy before being repurposed.  So after a Thursday night Old Fashioned extravaganza (I made 6), I looked at my oranges and said, no need to despair, you will lead a full life; you will be used in not one, but TWO cocktails.  The problem was that once I decided that these rindless oranges would be used for cocktails, I could not decide what to make.  I racked my brain thinking of what cocktail had fresh orange juice in it and the only think I cold think about was a Screwdriver – yuck!  I went to the Internet (often my jumping off point) and found not a lot of anything – back to the drawing board.  The first thing that popped into my head when thinking of orange juice was whiskey, which led me to a whiskey sour, and I thought, why not an orange whiskey sour?  I mean, it’s usually made with lemon juice anyway, so with a little tweaking I was sure orange juice could be used to change this classic cocktail up.  A couple of experiments later, it was perfected, so here you go:


2 1/2 ounces Bourbon (for cocktails I use Maker’s Mark, thank you Costco!)

1 ounce fresh squeezed Orange Juice

1/2 ounce Agave Nectar

6 dashes, or more to taste, Angostura Bitters

4 dashes, or more to taste, Angostura Orange Bitters

2 teaspoons Egg White (or half an egg white, i.e. one whole egg white for two cocktails)

Orange Rind for garnish

Luxardo Cherries (if unavailable, Maraschino cherries will do)

Atomizer filled with Angostura Bitters

Cocktail Glass or an Old Fashioned Glass

Place Bourbon, Orange Juice, Agave Nectar,  Bitters, and Egg White in a martini shaker filled with an ample amount of ice.  Give the shaker a good shake until you can “feel the froth.”  Place a Luxardo cherry into the bottom of the glass and pour the cocktail into the glass, making sure to get every last drop of froth out of the shaker.  Take one strip of orange rind and squeeze the sides of the rind together, skin side down, over the glass. expelling the orange oil into the glass, and repeat with a second rind.  Place the two rinds opposing one another in an X shape.  Garnish with a spray of bitters from the atomizer and then float away into La-La Land.  Enjoy!