Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

Jul 24th

I love lip “stuff.”  I always seems to be in pursuit of the perfect sunscreen infused lip gloss or tinted chap stick.  Trying this, giving up on that, finding something, falling in love with it, then it gets discontinued and then I’m back to square one.  Finally, after years of searching, I may have found my match (well, for now at least) – Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

My best friend loves this stuff and at last I tried it and now am obsessed, too.  I think it’s mainly because it smells like a delicious lemon cake and I sadly just want to take a bite out of the stick every time I open the tube to apply it to my lips.  It comes in a bunch of different tints too (I like the Rose color the best for me), and goes on quite sheer, so it looks pretty natural and is great for everyday wear.  The lid also screws on, rather than popping on, so it never comes undone in my purse.  Even better, it has SPF 15 in it so I know my lips are protected and it’s super hydrating and keeps my lips feeling soft.  I’ll be rocking this the whole summer.