Tax Relief Champagne Cocktail

Apr 17th

So in case you haven’t noticed, it’s tax season – that great time of year when you find out how much you owe the good ol’ USA, or if you’re lucky, how much it owes you.  So what better time than now to drown your sorrows in champagne and whiskey. Yes, you heard it right, champagne and whiskey together!  Hell, this amazing combination might be the answer to world peace.

As usual, I digress…So, back to my anecdote.  I came up with this cocktail while Jeremiah, my boyfriend, was working on his taxes.  I made an executive decision that a champagne cocktail was in order one Saturday night, but I didn’t want to make a my typical go-to French 75 cocktail.

I wanted something with whiskey and thought, could champagne and whiskey possibly go together?  I tried to imagine what flavors would blend nicely with the whiskey and champagne (assuming that those two things would even work together) and thought chocolate and orange would be complimentary.  After some tinkering, the Tax Relief Champagne Cocktail was born!


1 ounce whiskey

3/4 ounce vanilla syrup (I use Torani, which is generally used to flavor coffee, but works for cocktails as well)

6-10 drops/shakes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters (I find that these are the most potent chocolate bitters and strongly recommend using them because they stand up well to the whiskey and not all chocolate bitters do)

Champagne (nothing too fancy though because it’s a cocktail, but you also don’t want instant headache champagne either)

Orange peel

Champagne flute


Shake the whiskey, vanilla syrup and bitters together in a martini shaker with ice.  Pour mixture into champagne flute and top with champagne.

Using a vegetable peeler or a paring knife, peel a long strip of orange peel. With the skin side down, hold the peel just above the cocktail and squeeze the sides of the peel, expelling the orange oil from the peel into the cocktail.  Drop the peel into the cocktail and watch for the amazing chemical reaction the orange oil  creates with the champagne, but beware of overflowing champagne.  Take a sip and drown your sorrows or celebrate your tax refund!